What Kind of Tornado Cleanup Jobs Are Available?

What Kind of Tornado Cleanup Jobs Are Available?

2012 tornado damage picture

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2012 Tornado Cleanup Jobs

2012 has already seen numerous damaging tornadoes and there are sure to be many tornado cleanup jobs available.

The clean up is going to take the efforts of thousands of people.  Below you can find some links to the various local newspapers that are advertising for workers to help clean up the damage.







There are also people who volunteer their time and money to help assist those in need during times of crisis caused by natural disasters and you can read more about these people who are often called Disaster Junkies in this article from the Associated Press.

2011 Tornado Jobs

tornado damage clean up jobs

There will be many tornado clean up and reconstruction jobs available for years to come from the damages caused by the tornadoes in April and May of 2011

As part of the ongoing cleanup effort from the tornadoes in the southern United States there are obviously going to be many tornado clean up jobs available.

Visit the Help Wanted Section of the Joplin Globe Newspaper

Visit the Tuscaloosa Jobs Page

From Tuscaloosa to Joplin, and many places in between there is much work to be done.

Many of these tornado clean up jobs are of course done by those with a CDL license, such as truck drivers, but there is going to be an incredible amount of heavy equipment operators and general laborers needed too.

Once the cleanup efforts from the tornado are complete there will be plenty of construction jobs available from those affected by these tornadoes for years to come.

It has been reported that just in Joplin Missouri there were over six thousand homes and businesses either completely destroyed or greatly damaged from just one tornado.  Tuscaloosa Alabama has many thousands more from the twisters that passed through that area.

Keep an eye on this space for further updates and additional information on how to get a tornado clean up job with a variety of different companies that are helping to take care of the clean up and reconstruction efforts.

UPDATE: July 20th, 2011

Insurance claims are slowly being processed and people are beginning to receive insurance money to  rebuild their homes and businesses.

Many skilled and unskilled laborers are needed, with several companies advertising for general laborers and offering an hourly pay range of $15 - $20 per hour to start.




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