Squinkies Toys Review

Squinkies Toys Review
squinkies toys for boys and girls

Squinkies Toys

According to many experts Squinkies Toys are destined to become one of the hottest toys for this year, especially for Christmas presents. 

In this review we'll take a look at the many options available in this interesting and very hot toy category.


Squinkies Surprize Inside toys come inside plastic "gumballs". (like the vending machine toys at the mall).

Kid's anxiously pop them open to see which Squinkies Surprise Inside toy they got this time.

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These tiny little doll figures come as; animals, pets, fairies, and Squinkies people.

Often described as "squishy, squooshy, and squashy", part of the lure of Squinkies is that they are collectible.

There are already hundreds of different Squinkies to collect, with more being introduced before Christmas.

Sold in bubble-pack series and play sets, Squinkies can also be used as; pencil-toppers, jewelry, and of course toys to play with. One of the goals of most kids will be to collect all the Squinkies in a series, and the maker, Blip Toys, is continually introducing new series to keep their interest fresh.

Kid's imaginations will be spurred for hours as they create play scenes and "villages", or make their own custom jewelry bracelets with these hundreds of little doll-like.

Kids will be swapping and trading, and creating their own little commerce system as they strive to get as many different Squinkies dolls as they can.

Kids may be begging for Squinkies this season, but the #1 reason parents should buy them is that they are great "rewards" for good behavior!

All parents know that kids will be more inclined to do something if they think "they" will get something out of it. So - If kids behave when they are supposed to - they get a Squinkies. Make their bed, clean-up their room, do their homework - get a Squinkies. They are the perfect "carrot and stick" reward system.

The concept of getting a "reward" is even further enhanced when you get the Squinkies Gumball Machine Play set. It is just what the name implies, a plastic gumball-like dispenser that will dispense a plastic Squinkies Surprize Inside ball when you insert one of the plastic coins and turn the knob. Imagine the suspense as your child anxiously waits to see what is inside their "reward".

The Squinkies toy line includes;

Squinkies Bubble packs - 16 different toys in each pack

Play Sets:

*Gumball Machine Play House - Gumball Machine Play Set - Cupcake Surprize Bake Shop - Tea Time Surprize Play Set - Palace Surprize Collection Display

*Shopping Fun Surprize - Royal Fun Surprize
*Under the Sea Surprize - Bride-to-be Surprize

Jewelry Sets: (bracelets with interchangeable Squinkies)
*Fantasy Surprize - Birthday Surprize - Princess Surprize

So the real #1 reason parents should buy Squinkies toys is that like educational toys that help young children in their early development, Squinkies will help them mold positive behavior that will make their life, and yours, a lot easier.

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As you can see from the above article Squinkies toys have a lot to offer especially when it comes to variety.  Parents will find that their children are very pleased with all that they can do with these interesting toys. 

With a lot of television advertising coming up around the holiday season most people will find that the Squinkies in the local retail stores are selling out quickly.  Our best advice is to buy early and buy many.



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