Over The Door Jewelry Storage and Organization

Over The Door Jewelry Storage and Organization
over the door jewelry storage rack

Over the door Jewelry storage and organizer

There are a couple of nice options for those looking at storing and organizing their jewelry with an over the door jewelry storage cabinet or rack.

These  wonderful inventions provide you with many different choices depending on what kind of jewelry you want to organize.

Many people initially are looking for a good way to properly organize and store their necklaces, while others are exasperated with never being able to find the mate to their earrings.

An overdoor jewelry organizer solves both of the above problems and a few more.

How much do they cost?

While some of the more popular rack and hook type over the door organizers for jewelry cost around fifty dollar dollars, there are some higher end options to help protect and secure your expensive jewels even better.

overdoor jewelry organizer with mirror

Jewelry Organizer Cabinet with Mirror

An over the door, or wall mounted jewelry organizer that has a locking door helps many women feel more secure about their jewelery and will generally cost between one hundred and two hundred dollars.

What are the more expensive jewelry organizers made of?

These storage compartments and organizers for jewellery are made of heavy wood or powder coated steel and can be mounted permanently to a wall or solid door with strong screws making it difficult if not nearly impossible for a thief to penetrate and steal your jewelry.

Do they have a mirror inside?

These higher end models with a door usually have a mirror on the outside and sometimes on the inside which is another nice feature.  Some even have hidden compartments making it even harder for a thief to find your expensive jewels if they do happen to get inside.

Are there different options on the color?

While most of the best selling rack type organizers come in white, you can sometimes find them in black or brown.  If you really need to have a different color than what you find available, it is possible for you to paint them with whatever color you need to match with your decor.

The wooden wall mounted organizers usually come with a nice oak finish.

Where do I buy one of these jewelry organizers?

Your wall and overdoor jewelry organizer options can be limited if you are shopping at a local store.

That is why we recommend you Click Here to check out your over the door jewelry storage cabinet options at Amazon.com

Amazon has an incredible variety of these wall and door organizers for jewelry and you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

This type of jewelry storage and organization is getting more and more popular.  While many women (and men) still like to have a nice wooden jewelry box with many compartments, others have found that storing and organizing their jewelry in this way is a much better and more convenient option.  They are great for mens earings especially.

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