Mens Earings

Mens Earings
mens earings

Mens genuine black diamond stud earrings

You can find a large variety of mens earings in many different net shop jewelry stores as well as in regular brick and mortar stores.

After all, many women's earings work well for men too.  There are however earrings for men specifically designed for them.

Some of the most popular are the diamond studded ones.  Most men don't spend the money for real diamond earings, but instead buy cheaper cz (cubic zirconia) sets for around $15 a pair.

Lots of guys do like to have genuine diamond earings though, and like the lady's earring they can get pretty pricy.

One of the latest trends in men's jewelry, especially earrings, is the black diamond studded earrings.

One can often find a pair of men's genuine diamond earings at Amazon and other net shops for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the carat weight, clarity, and cut.

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Another factor that can increase the price of stud earings is what the shaft or post is made of.  If you want to have a long lasting set you should not settle for anything less than sterling silver, and if you want to go all out, look for posts and screw on clips made of platinum.

Other types of Mens Earings

mens hoop earings

Men's Hoop Earrings

Other types of earings that men like to wear are the smaller hoop type earings.

Some of the most popular ones are made from sterling silver.  Other hoop earings for men are made with real gold.

The price one has to pay for these will depend upon the store they buy them from as well as whether they are 10k, 14k, or 18k solid gold.

Anything beyond 18k solid gold generally get too soft and flexible, easily damaged or bent out of shape because of the pliability of gold at this purity.

Larger hoop earrings are generally considered to not look as good on men as they do on women, but there are some guys who try and get away with it.

It all depends on the guys style and confidence level.  Some men can look good in them depending on the situation.

How to save money on men's jewelry

One of the latest trends taking hold when it comes to shopping for most anything including jewelry for men is to buy a discounted gift card

There are companies that have paid cash for people's gift cards at a discount.  Many of these folks have received a card as a gift and decided that they would rather have some cash instead.   These companies will make a cash offer the card at less than its face value and then resell them to someone else (at a slightly higher price than they paid for it), but still at a discount to its true value.

There are many times where you can find gift cards for sale at as much as a 30% discount.  This is a great way to save money on any kind of purchase, not just when buying jewelry for men.





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