Causes Of and Remedies For Constipation


Constipation, (irregular and hard bowel movements) may affect everyone at some point of time. There are so many people who think they are constipated after having irregular bowel movements but their bowel movements are not hard and dry.

To make sure that they are actually constipated, they should find out some common symptoms of constipation. Symptoms like nausea, unusual weight loss, having bowel movements fewer than three times per week, abdominal pains, and queasiness etc.

Before we go to learn about the effective remedies for constipation, I would like you to know the factors that contribute to cause constipation. It’s a part of remedies, isn’t it? The factors are the following:

~ No exercise or lack of exercise
~ Having foods that contain low fiber
~ Misuse of laxatives
~ Drinking less water
~ Disregarding the need to have a bowel movement
~ Troubles in intestinal function
~ Troubles in rectum and colon, etc.

We all can fight constipation by adopting some changes to our lifestyles, eating habits, and with the help of natural laxatives, and so forth.  You may want to try a colon cleansing program too.

Adopting Some Changes to Our Lifestyles:

As stated above, constipation may be caused by drinking less water, and eating low fiber foods. So we have to make some changes here. We have to drink a lot more water and other liquids such as fresh fruit juices, [not liquor], do exercises daily, and be patient and reserve time for bowel movements.

Adopting some changes to our eating habits:

We have to make sure that we take foods that contain sufficient fiber [usually twenty to thirty five grams]. It will help stool easily pass. We have to check our diet plan too. A dietitian or a doctor can help us in planning a proper diet which will be high in fiber.

The most common and helpful high fiber foods are: bran cereals, grains, beans, fresh fruits like apples, vegetables like cabbage, asparagus, carrots etc. Besides, we have to cut in consumption of low fiber foods like ice cream, meat, frozen foods, cheese etc.

Help of Laxatives:

After adopting the changes above, one might still remain constipated. Laxatives are recommended for those people. Doctors prescribe laxatives for a short period of time as an effective constipation remedy.