Building vs. Buying A Storage Shed

Building vs. Buying A Storage Shed
storage shed kit

Storage Shed Kit

With the availability of pre-built and ready to install storage shed kits that you can buy today some may wonder why anyone would still choose to collect their own material and build their own small storage building from scratch.

The thing is, that depending on the design of the shed, the usage of the structure can and will vary, and many times it is not possible to just buy a ready made model that fits in with your needs.

Building A Storage Shed

When you are learning how to build a wood storage shed, then it is essential for you to determine first the main purpose of why you're building it and what you are planning to store in it.

Based on your needs you first have to decide upon a size and style for the shed. Finding shed design tips is not a problem at all as plenty of designs are available on the internet.

However, it is worthwhile to mention here that seeking help from a professional designers is a good idea as they have done this before and will be able to guide you properly. They can help you in selecting the most appropriate design that would not only suit your budget but also meet your needs.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of your shed whether you are building it yourself or buying a model that is already put together depends on the size of the structure and the features that you want to incorporate.

New designs and styles are developed every year so you have plenty of options to choose from. Make sure that you choose a design that would compliment your taste and home as well.  Shed design tips from experts on the internet are helping people a lot these days find the best one for their backyard storage needs.

Buying a Pre-Built Storage Shed or DIY Shed Kit

Most local lumber yards or the bigger home supply centers have pre-built wood storage sheds of various sizes that they will deliver right to your home.  You can find them from 8' x 8' with a 6' ceiling height, all the way up to 12' x 14' and sometimes even a little bit bigger.

These pre built sheds are great for storing garden supplies, lawnmowers, bicycles, or any other thing that you don't have room in your garage for.  Many people even use them for a little workshop area or cute summer house if they have some windows installed.

Rubbermaid outdoor storage shed

Rubbermaid Storage Shed

You can find some cheaper and smaller storage shed models online at places like

In the past all that you would find online were quite a bit smaller that what you could get locally, but these days you can order an 80 - 100 square foot shed kit that comes with windows and shutters and all of the other materials you need for right around one thousand dollars in many cases.  This will not include a foundation though.

Even still, some of the most popular ones are made of thermo-formed plastic or other lightweight material and don't take much work to put together.

The cheaper models work well for storing smaller garden supply items like hoses and rakes or other outdoor sport and pool supplies like basketballs and such, although you can find some bigger models that would work well as a bike shed.

Many of them fit right on your patio or deck, and Rubbermaid is probably the leading brand in this category as they have many popular waterproof styles and sizes available.

If you're not sure where to start and need a bit of professional help, then you should get some DIY garden shed plans from the Internet with instructions on how to build a shed from scratch.



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